Reading Rockets provides an article with tips for parents of children with ADHD.  Some of the suggestions which are applicable for a teacher as well are:

  • Make reading time fun time for you and your child.
  • First, pick a quiet spot away from TV, radio, and video game noise.
  • Read for short periods at a time and put the book away if your child loses interest.
  • Continue to read for a few more minutes even if your child squirms off your lap. He may still be listening to the story even though he is playing near you.
  • Pick up the book later and read for another short time period.
  • Choose books that interest your child, such as books on animals or sports.
  • Read aloud and talk about the pictures. Allow your child to pick books too, and ask your child to read aloud.
  • Praise your child’s efforts at reading!

Some tips for instructing a student with ADHD are:

  • Partner activities are an excellent way for students to remain engaged
  • Prepare an “I need help” signal the student can use at his or her desk
  • Give the student a choice for a quiet place to work without distractions
  • Permit the use of headphones or earplugs to block out noise
  • Provide visual prompts to refocus the student


  • Fidgeting helps many students with ADHD to focus. I once had a student who had to stand in order to stay on task, so we placed her desk in the back of the room where there was minimal distraction to other students.
  • Use a timer and set mini-goals
  • Provide multisensory learning opportunities.  Students with ADHD are frequently kinesthetic learners, and as such, learn best with a hands-on approach.
  • Provide pointers on organization, from desk to locker or binders and folders., a website for learning and attention issues, provides several multi sensory techniques for teaching beginning reading to learners.

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